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Arduino Beginners Workshop 20/6/18

On Wednesday we ran our popular Arduino Beginners workshop! This one was a lot of fun, we had all ages working on building an electronics project for the very first time! Arduino is a fantastic platform because everyone really gets down into the details of circuit design and coding. And I'm always especially excited when I see kids learning at our workshops, we can only imagine what they'll be building over the next decade!

If you want to learn how to build awesome projects on an Arduino, come around to our next workshop, or check out our great online beginner's course!

Arduino Beginner's Workshop 21/6/18

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- By Ben Mildren

Laser Cutting Workshop 12/6/18

On Tuesday we held a workshop to show off the humble laser cutter. These things are absolutely incredible, the precision of a high power laser is super handy if you want to etch and cut some really intricate designs. They are also slightly hard to come by, so we're incredibly lucky to have one in our makerspace! Our participants were taught how to design for a laser cutter, and at the end of the night, they used ours to print a little custom keychain to take home!

Working with laser cutters is an awesome skill to have under your belt, and we'll have some online tutorials to get you started very soon! in the meantime, see if you can make it down to a local workshop!

Laser Cutting Workshop 12/06/18

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- By Ben Mildren

Raspberry Pi: Next Level Workshop 6/6/18

On Wednesday we held the first Next Level Raspberry Pi course! For those waiting for some Raspberry Pi learning that is a little bit more intermediate, you're in luck! We covered a whole lot of ground and started to really have a look at what you can do with a tiny computer that has a complete operating system. Even I was a little bit excited by how easy it was to build a nice program with a GUI to control your electronics, even mixing it in with some IoT capability!

If you're as excited as I am by these wonderful little computers, why not check out our online Raspberry Pi Workshop and Tutorials, or even come along to our next workshop!

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- By Ben Mildren

Arduino: Next Level Workshop 30/5/18

On Wednesday we held the very first of our "Next Level" series of workshops, for Arduino! We had some makers who were eager and ready to learn more come around, and we covered some really in-depth and useful parts of the Arduino ecosystem. We made a library that simplified our code for reuse in many projects, and we used interrupts to create really responsive electronics using low-level coding techniques. It was fantastic having enthusiastic makers come in to learn something new, and also sharing some of their own knowledge with the group!

If you're ready to take your making to the next level, then our tutorials are the place to be, they have some awesome, in-depth stuff for you to learn. Or, come to one of our next level workshops!

Arduino Next Level Workshop 30/5/18

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- By Ben Mildren

Circuit Design and Simulation Workshop 23/5/18

On Wednesday we ran our introduction to circuit simulation in Proteus! This course covers a lot of ground, we went through almost the entire workflow of developing a completely new and mass producible piece of electronics in only a couple of hours. The guys we had around were great, with them we designed and simulated our very own functional voltmeter!

Check out our growing list of online tutorials if you want to build and simulate yourself, or come around to our next workshop!

Circuit Design and Simulation 23/5/18

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- By Ben Mildren

Circuit Playground Workshop 22/5/18

This past Tuesday we had a whole lot of fun with Circuit Playground! We had programmers, teachers, and absolute beginners come around to build a whole bunch of awesome projects. I think more than a few were a little bit mindblown by the amount that can be done with one little board, and even our most experienced programmer was learning and loving working with MakeCode!

If you want to see just how much you can do with Circuit Playground check out our wealth of tutorials, and a whole course in progress! Or if you want to come see us and learn in person, come down to our next workshop!

Circuit Playground Workshop 22/5/18

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- By Ben Mildren

Arduino Workshop For Beginners 9/5/18

On Wednesday we held an Arduino Workshop for beginners, we had a blast! It was great seeing people of all ages learning to work with an Arduino for the first time, everyone was super enthusiastic and asking great questions! We even have a few already getting keen to come back around for a level up...

If you would like to join in on the fun come around to our next Arduino beginner's workshop, or check out our awesome online course!

Arduino Beginner's Workshop 9/5/18

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- By Ben Mildren

Raspberry Pi Workshop for Beginners 2/5/18

Wednesday night we kicked off our Raspberry Pi Beginner workshops for the year! We got our own Pi's up and running with flashing lights and fancy scripts with a group of friends ranging from IT specialists to artists, who learned how to install Raspbian and built a simple blinking light program in Python. These simple steps got minds buzzing, there was talk about building IoT devices and connected sensors for all sorts of projects.

We covered a lot of ground, these guys are on track to make some awesome projects. If you want to get started with Raspberry Pi check our free online workshop, it covers the same content and then some, it's a super fun way to get into making with a Pi! 

Raspberry Pi Workshop 2-5-18

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- By Ben

Arduino Workshop 1/2/18

Last night we ran another Arduino Workshop which was a lot of fun. We covered off on all of the basic content, plus looked at a few extra challenges involving decision making and case logic.

The most notable aspect of the night was the participation of Luke who is completely blind, still in high school and was assisted by an engineer called Simon. Using software Simon has created for his laptop, Luke was able to not just follow along with the workshop, but knock it out of the park with some interesting project ideas, and a great handle of Arduino programming. It's always inspiring to see the backgrounds of our workshop participants, and last night was certainly no exception.

Arduino Workshop group 1/2/18

Remember that if you're not able to make it in for our in-house workshop, but you're interested in learning about Arduino, then I'd recommend our online Arduino course which is available for free, and covers off on almost 5x the content that we get through in a single Workshop. It's perfect for learning at home or on-the-go, and if you get stuck along the way, we're here to help!

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- By Sam

Arduino Workshop 18/1/18

What a way to kick of 2018 with our first Arduino Workshop for the year! It was a fantastic evening with the broadest range of backgrounds we've ever had. If a nurse, primary teacher, and IT developer can all come and learn about electronics and coding, then so can you. 

We kicked it off in the usual fashion by talking about what Arduino is, how you can use it, and a brief backgrounds about what it's all about. Then we got straight into the projects by developing a simple user interface using a button, potentiometer, and LED. The fascinating thing about simple projects like that is that you can easily replace the LED with a relay controlling the garden pumps, or a solar monitor. The possibilities are endless!

Arduino Workshop group 18/1/18

If you're not able to make it in for our in-house workshop, but you're interested in learning about Arduino, then I'd recommend our online Arduino course which is available for free, and covers off on almost 5x the content that we get through in a single Workshop. It's perfect for learning at home or on-the-go, and if you get stuck along the way, we're here to help!

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- By Sam

Workshops are back!

As of tomorrow (Thursday 18th Jan), we are kicking off workshops, starting with Arduino. We'll schedule more in the coming weeks, you can find all the latest updates on our Workshops page.

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- By Graham

New Product from Raspberry Pi Foundation

Raspberry Pi Foundation has released the Raspberry Pi Zero WH. It has all of the features of the Pi Zero W and now includes professionally soldered headers.

It's worth noting given it's the most asked question for PiZ; there are no quantity limitations for this product.

This allows educators, makers and first-time explorers of RPi to more quickly get started with the General Purpose Inputs and Outputs (GPIO). We highly recommend the use of a Pi Cobbler so you can easily use a breadboard for rapid electronics prototyping.

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- By Graham

2017, What a Blast!

There were so many glorious moments throughout 2017 and there are just a couple that I caught on camera.

Here we have Aidan, Royden and Gorden on the morning after Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless launch in Australia - they are waiting in anticipation for the order count after 12 hours of Raspberry Pi Zero W being available. Needless to say, Aussie makers were thrilled with the news that this "vapourware" hardware was now reliably available in this region. What happens in the video really does sum up how much work we had cut out for us!

Our Kickstarter, Infinity Mirror Kit, was a huge success thanks to makers around Australia that supported us. We've gone through another two production runs since, which have put our laser cutter through its first paces. A real team effort all round.

Throughout 2017, we held many workshops at our new location. I've been to all of them and am powered by those "ah ha" moments that new makers get all the way through these courses.

While there were many other moments throughout the year, I'll finish on Maker Faire Adelaide. It was so good to catch up with fellow makers and talk shop about the projects we had on display along with what they had been up to themselves.

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- By Graham

Arduino Workshop 30/11/17

Last night we ran our Arduino Workshop for the first time in a while, and it was a huge amount of fun. We had 2 software developers (plus a very supportive partner!) which made for a unique workshop experience. Rather than focusing on programming basics and syntax, we took a deep dive into how microcontrollers operate at a bare metal level using hardware registers, system resources, and program optimisation.

There was a shared interest in finding out about how the familiar lines of code could be compiled to interact with the Arduino hardware in the way we know and love. The biggest 'aha' moment was just for the simplicity of Arduino as a platform; the fact that in a few hours you could develop a project that could control power devices with a simple hardware and software setup.

Arduino Workshop LED 30/11/17

Finishing off with our signature data monitoring challenge using the serial port, we went an extra step and added conditions for it to only update when the incoming data changed, adding a layer of button control, and sending serial data from the computer back to the Arduino.

Arduino Workshop Group 30/11/17

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- By Sam

Woollahra Library Maker Expo - 25/09/2017

On Saturday Morning, Graham and Myself headed down to Double Bay, Sydney to attend the Woollahra Library Maker Expo and share the passion for making and DIY electronics with the parents, educators and students from around the community. 

Our eye-catching setup for the expo consisted of a wide range of educational tools & projects from some of our favourite innovators and makers around the world, not to mention our 2 most recent projects: The Infinity Mirror Table and the Huge LED Matrix Display.

We even took the opportunity to run a condensed version of our RoboShop for Young Engineers workshop during the day, walking a handful of young learners through the basics of coding taught with one of our favourite little robots, the Ozobot Bit. From following a simple black line to speeding up/slowing down the Ozobot right through to making timed tracks with directional control, we covered the lot. RoboShop always proves to be an engaging experience for students.


3D Printing, Ozobots, the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit, with the Infinity Mirror Table and LED Display in the background.


Graham sharing the 3D Printing love and giving this young learner his first ever Rocktopus, fresh off the print bed! 

What a fantastic day it was! Our thanks go out to the organisers from the Woollahra Library and all the other people that got together to make the day happen. 

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- By Aidan

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